Situation: John Deere equipment is used by farmers in challenging environments. As equipment manufacturer John Deere focussed on reactive maintenance and quality improvements of new equipment.

Use case: Preventive maintenance leveraging sensors and big data to reduce equipment down-time and using big data to increase output for customers 

  • John Deere combines data from equipment sensors and real-time weather data, soil conditions, crop features and many other data sets to manage its fleet, forecast demand, and forecast crop yields
    • FarmSight: helps farmers increase productivity; monitors machine productivity to proactively diagnose service issues, helps farmers control where and when farming fleet is being used and helps farmers make better decisions that prevents mistakes and increases efficiency
    • farmers can use this portal to manage fleet, see weather forecasts, and view financial information
    • On-the-go big data: provides farmers with access to historical and real-time field information, soil sample data, and operations maps/reports

Industry: Heavy-duty equipment, agriculture

Technology: IoT, sensors, big data,